On June 6, 2017 we launch the very first edition of the International Software Architecture PhD School (ISAPS). For the whole week, the internationally renowned names in the software architecture landscape like Len Bass (CMU), Ipek Okzaya (SEI), Philippe Kruchten (UBC) and Antony Tang (Swinburne UT) will provide lectures to 37 PhD candidates coming from all over the world. Roel Wieringa will link architecture with empirical research. Curious? The program, organizers and other information is online here. For questions drop an email to: Prof. Patricia Lago <p.lago@vu.nl>

Adriatik Bedjeti wins NAF prize

Adriatik Bedjeti, M.Sc., won the Nederlandse Architectuur Forum (NAF) prize for the best Dutch thesis in software architecture! His thesis is titled “Context Modeling in Software Architecture”. Adriatik was supervised by Prof. Patricia Lago. Congrats!!


More info will follow, stay tuned!

We just made ALL the contents of our Green Lab course publicly available

Here you can check out ALL the slides of the Green Lab course, give a look to them for understanding how we (and you!) can measure software for making it more green and sustainable.

We are always happy to share any useful information on the Green Lab course, just drop a line to the instructors of the course:

SOD students win contest in Amsterdam Tech City!

On November 7, 2016, two student teams of the CS Master course in Service Oriented Design presented their project on ‘Smart Mobility as a Service’ to the Amsterdam Tech City Event “AI & The City”. The best project team, selected by the Municipality Amsterdam, won an internship opportunity to develop its ideas under the umbrella of the Amsterdam Smart Mobility program.
The winning team includes: Miguel Gama Nunes, Louise Ivan Payawal, Iulia Cristina Ban, Göran H. Strönstad, and Vasileios-I. Manavis.


Beyond Native Apps: Web Technologies to the Rescue! [SPLASH 2016 – Mobile keynote]

Ivano Malavolta, assistant professor of our group, presented an interesting keynote at the Mobile! workshop, co-located with the SPLASH 2016 conference.

Here you can download the companion paper of the talk: http://www.ivanomalavolta.com/files/papers/splash_2016_workshop_keynote.pdf, and here you can find the slides:

Here is the abstract of the talk.
This year a billion smartphones will be sold worldwide, with people relying more and more on mobile apps for activities like purchasing products, messaging, accessing digital media, etc. As of today, mobile software development teams can follow a number of different development and distribution strategies, ranging from native apps, to mobile web apps, hybrid apps, and the recently raising progressive web apps.
This talk provides a state-of-the-art overview of the development strategies and technologies for developing mobile apps, each of them with its own advantages and drawbacks. In this context, the use of web technologies is discussed as a promising investment for moving forward one of the most intriguing challenges in the world of mobile apps: its fragmentation with respect to mobile platforms (e.g., Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone). A discussion of research challenges, and thus opportunities, close the talk.